The Government Must Act to see Contractors and Local Employees at Buccama Paid


David Ames greets Dr. Gonsalves

Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Arhnim Eustace is calling on the government to make every effort to have investors make payments that are due to local contractors and employees who are working at the Buccama Bay Resort. The Opposition Leader made the call today at a press briefing held by the NDP to discuss issues of importance to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Mr. Eustace noted that there are a number of matters in Court brought by Investors to the project, and local contractors who are owed monies for services rendered to the company Harlequin Development SVG Limited. Vincentians are owed monies for work they have done, services they have provided, and for rental of their property and use of their facilities. According to  Eustace, “The Government cannot sit idly by and pretend that there are no lawsuits and that there are no issues existing which raise serious questions about this project.”Eustace reiterated the point,  that those with authority need to defend the interest and rights of local contractors and workers. The government must make efforts to ensure that the rights of Vincentians are protected. In addition the government must maintain an appropriate investment climate that will allow for foreign investments, thus it is therefore imperative that this matter be dealt with promptly, Eustace added.



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